AI Power
for Transport & Mobility

Track, model, analyze, and optimize new mobility systems


We bring AI to all kinds of new mobility.

Cycling & Walking

Urban cycling as well as recreational cycling and cycling tourism. We help people, cities and regions cycle more.


Scooters and e-bikes of all types and shapes. We help riders find safe and pleasant ways and we help micromobility operators optimize their fleet and ops.

Intermodal mobility & MaaS

We are fluent with any transport mode. Intermodality is our particular strength given our deep-tech background.

Ride Hail & Ride Share

We work on optimizing ride hail operations and integrating them in a wider, multi-modal transport systems.


We help you with the whole stack—from capturing and integrating mobility data up to complex computations on digital transport networks.

Mobility Analytics & BI

A full-range of mobility data analytics—from processing tracking data to fully fledged network analytics leveraging the underlying transport network topology.

Routing & Navigation

Multi-criteria, personalized and adaptive route planning for all transport modes with particular focus on cycling, micromobility and intermodal first/last-mile integration.

Mobility Optimization

Solving a variety of mobility optimization tasks, including vehicle routing, fleet reballancing or bike sharing station placement.


The world’s smartest and the most comprehensive cycling app.

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