AI Solutions for
Transport & Mobility

Model, analyze, and optimize transport systems

We help companies and cities upgrade their transport services through the application of AI digital technologies


We employ AI to improve all kinds of transport and mobility systems

Cycling & Walking

Urban cycling as well as recreational cycling and cycling tourism. We help people, cities and regions cycle more.


Scooters and e-bikes of all types and shapes. We help riders find safe and pleasant ways and we help micromobility operators optimize their fleet and ops.

Public Transport & Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Combined mobility covering all modes of transport and their intermodal combinations, including shared and on-demand services integration.

Urban Logistics

Real-time vehicle allocation and routing for pickup and delivery, including intermodal deliveries combining traditional and light/ultralight delivery vehicles


We offer a broad range of know-how and technology for smart mobility

Mobility Data Analytics

A full-range of mobility data analytics—from processing low-level vehicle tracking data to deriving high-level insights in mobility patterns and transport system performance.XXX XXX

Routing & Navigation

Multi-criteria, personalized and real-time route planning for all transport modes with particular focus on cycling, micromobility and public transport with intermodal first/last-mile integration.

Mobility Optimization

Solving a variety of mobility optimization problems, including vehicle routing, fleet rebalancing or bike sharing / charging station placement. XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX

Featured Products


The world’s smartest and the most comprehensive cycling app.


Next-generation routing for combined mobility and MaaS.



Our core team 25+ years of experience designing, implementing and operating smart mobility solutions.

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