PT Route

Modern, real-time, door-to-door trip planning engine for public transport

Powerful Trip Planning Features

The engine provides all the features needed to implement modern trip planning apps and services


Fully door-to-door trip planning with the high-detail walk routing of the trip's first- and last-mile as well as mid-trip transfer legs.


Capable of optimizing trip plans on number of criteria, including duration, price, arrival/departure time, comfort, the amount of walking and other user-definable trip optimization criteria.

Special Needs-Ready

Capable of tailoring trip plans for people with special needs, such as the elderly, wheelchair users or travelers with baby carriages. bicycles or heavy luggage.


Trip plans suggested take into account real-time data, in particular service delays and cancellations, route changes or station closures.


Trip suggestions can be customized based on individual user's criteria, including the preference for specific means of transport or the amount of walking.


Ready to be extended with shared, on-demand and active mobility modes of transport for full Mobility-as-a-Service trip planning engine. Learn more.

Powered by Deep Tech

Powered by algorithms grounded in years of research on multimodal trip planning.


Capable of handling continental scale public transport networks with unrestricted number of transfers and hundreds of thousands public transport lines and stops.


Designed and build a new using the latest modern public transport planning algorithms, without the legacy baggage of some traditional public transport trip planning engines.


Providing unprecented flexibility in defining hard- and soft- trip planning constraints and optimization criteria.

See the PT Route engine in action!

Easy Integration

Our PT trip planning can be easily integrated into your products and services


The easiest and fastest to integrate journey planning into your mobility products and services.  We take care of all hosting and maintenance -- you only need to integrate our Trip Planning APIs into your system._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Host your own

For those requiring more control and customization. License our backend trip planning modules and deploy them into your own server stack. Source code licensing also available for those looking for total customizability and independence.

Example Deployment

PT Route powers Bileto, a national door-to-door public transport planner covering the whole of Czech Republic. The planners integrates all national, regional and local public transport services comprising tens of thousands lines serving tens of thousands of stops.