Next-generation routing engine for public transport a Mobility as a Service

By discovering all the best trip options, AnyRoute empowers users to take the full advantage of your multi-modal combined mobility ecosystem.

Always Recommending the Perfect Trip

AnyRoute considers all mobility services on offer and tailors route recommendations to each particular user a the situation at hand.


AnyRoute calculates best routes using just any mode of transport–public, private, shared or on-demand–and any mode combination. Park & Ride, Bike on Public Transport, or Public Transport+Ride Hail and beyond–if the intermodal combination makes sense, we will find it!


AnyRoute recommends trips that reflect the current situation in the transport system. Public transport delays a cancellations, bike share availability, ride-hail prices or even the weather are just some of the situational factors that are considered in route optimization.


AnyRoute optimizes routes for all the criteria that users care about. Optimize trips for criteria beyond distance and time–price, comfort, fitness a emissions are supported out of the box and others can be added. Personalize route recommendations based on a user's profile and past behaviour.

See AnyRoute in action!

Powered by Deep Tech

AnyRoute is based on the latest research in AI-based multicriteria routing algorithms.


Capable of handling national-scale transport networks with unlimited number of transport modes.


Capable of learning from user past trips and interactions with the route planner.

Highly Configurable

Providing unprecedented flexibility in defining hard- and soft- trip planning constraints and optimization criteria.

Flexible Integration Options

AnyRoute can easily be integrated into your products and services



The easiest a fastest to integrate intermodal routing into your mobility products and services.  We take care of all hosting and maintenance–all you need to do is to integrate our AnyRoute API into your system.

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Host your own

For those requiring more control a customization. License our backend trip planning modules and deploy them into your own server stack. Source code licensing also available for those looking for total customizability a independence.

Why AnyRoute?

AnyRoute will give you the agility to launch and evolve innovative mobility services and stay ahead of the competition.

Total Customizability

AnyRoute is super-capable out of the box–but novel use cases always keep coming. We know every corner of our engine and can thus adapt it to just any business use case you imagine!

Experts on Board

You're not only getting a piece of software but a team of AI-educated experts who know routing inside-out. Our experts will be there to resolve any issues and help you fine-tune routing results to perfection.


From its inception, AnyRoute has been designed with Mobility-as-a-Service in mind. Lean a free of legacy baggage, our engine is ready to handle future challenging use cases for trip planning apps and service.

Example Deployment

AnyRoute powers Bileto, a national door-to-door public transport route planner covering the whole of Czech Republic. The planner integrates all national, regional a local public transport services comprising hundreds of thousands of services serving tens of thousands of stops.

Sounds interesting?

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