The world’s best-rated routing & navigation engine designed specifically for cycling, walking a micromobility

ActiveRoute uses the power of AI to recommend safe, healthy and pleasant routes that bike and scooter riders love!

Why do you need ActiveRoute?

Planning cycling routes is notoriously difficult

Compared car drivers, cyclists consider many more factors than just distance and time when planning routes. These factors also vary widely among riders and depend on the purpose and context of the trip.

Standard routing algorithms are not powerful enough

Standard shortest-path routing algorithms, such as those implemented in the widely-used OSRM, do not have the power to accurately model how cyclists, walkers and scooter riders choose their routes in the real-world.

ActiveRoute leverages new AI approach to routing

Combining learning with multi-criteria optimization techniques, ActiveRoute has the power to think as a human rider and thus recommend routes than human riders would naturally prefer to follow.

Powerful Cycling Navigation Features

The ActiveRoute provides unique features not found in other routing and navigation engines

ActiveRoute optimizes the overall rider’s experience on the route–not simplistic mathematical criteria.



Routes can be optimized for numerous real-life route-choice criteria, including safety, air-pollution nebo comfort, and combinations thereof.

Multiple Types of Routes

Routes can be optimized for different purposes–from mostly direct commuting routes, through a more meandering tourist routes up to circular routes for recreational a sport rides.

Alternative Route Sets

Returns a diverse set of multiple route alternatives along the defined optimization criteria to give the user a choice.

Personalized Routes

Routes can be tailored to individual route search preferences, which can be either set explicitly by the user or learned automatically from the user's historical data.

Time-Dependent Routes

The best routes vary throughout the time. The ActiveRoute engine plans routes based on the hour of the day, the day of the week and the season of the year.


Crowd-sourced content, including big GPS tracking data, route ratings a user-reported issues are leveraged to suggest routes best reflecting real cyclist route preferences and infrastructure conditions.

Powered by Deep Tech

Thanks to years of scientific research, the routing engine implements novel AI-augmented algorithmic techniques. The combination of big-data, learning and powerful graph algorithms allows capturing the finest details of route—and reflecting them in route recommendations.

Rich Data-Driven

Integrates many diverse data sources to create a high-fidelity routing model, including road, cycleway and pavement network, cycling infrastructure, terrain elevation, surface quality, accidents, air quality, traffic intensity or public transport routes.

Natively Multi-Criterial

Based on advanced algorithms that can simultaneously optimize for a multitude of route choice factors – including travel time, safety, comfort, healthiness, or physical effort -- when calculating recommended routes.


Constantly learns from big GPS tracking data, route ratings and crowdsourced issue reports to always suggest routes that best reflect real-world cyclist route preferences and infrastructure conditions.

Any Type of Light & Active Mobility

From walking to e-bikes, the ActiveRoute engine can tailor routes for all types of micromobility


Routes are customized for each bicycle type, considering in particular the bike's sensitivity to rough surfaces, steep climbs or the bike's weight and width.

Woman on e-scooter-1610


Specific physical and regulatory aspects of e-scooters, such as their very small wheels or pavement riding restrictions, are taken into account.


The specifics of e-bikes, in particular higher travel speeds, lower-effort pedaling or greater weight are taken into account and routes modified accordingly.

Close up photo of child's legs in white sneakers and grey trousers, crossing the street on a pedestrian crossing in a daytime.

Walking & Running

Detailed model of the pedestrian network, in particular road crossings, staircases, or subways are taken into account and allow tailoring routes to specific user segments

See the ActiveRoute engine in action!

Flexible Integration Options

ActiveRoute can be easily integrated into your products and services



The easiest a fastest to integrate intermodal routing into your mobility products and services.  We take care of all hosting and maintenance–all you need to do is to integrate our ActiveRoute API into your system.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Host your own

For those requiring more control a customization. License our backend trip planning modules and deploy them into your own server stack. Source code licensing also available for those looking for total customizability a independence.

World's Best-rated Cycling Navigation Engine

With the average user rating of 4.5 based on more than 2000 user ratings. 

I wanted an app that would get me through the dense car traffic and that's what it does!
Sarah Weigl
The best cyclist path-finder app. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Clarance Chew
Suprisingly good route suggestions! ... really straightforward interface and pleasant to use. - - - - - - - - - -
Till Ballendat

Why ActiveRoute?

We will give enable you to deliver top routing and navigation experience that sets you ahead of your competition

Choice of Top-Quality Routes

Cyclers recommends various types of routes with quality not found anywhere else. This means happy users that trust your app or service and keep coming back.

Total Customizability

Our engine is super-capable out of the box–but novel use cases always keep coming. We know every corner of our engine and can thus adapt it to just any business use case you imagine!

Experts on Board

You're not only getting a piece of software but a team of AI-educated experts that knows routing inside-out. Our experts will be there to resolve any issues and help you fine-tune routing results to perfection.

Sounds interesting?

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