MaaS Route

Fully-featured trip planning engine for combined mobility and Mobility as a Service

Complete Set of Trip Planning Features

The AI-powered core provides all features required for trip planning in a MaaS


Supports any mode of transport–public, private, shared or on-demand.


Support all sensible combinations of transport modes, in particular public transport with car (P+T), shared or private bike (B+R) or taxi/ride-hail services.

Price & Availability-Aware

Takes into account information about the availability and price of requested transport services, such as the location of available shared bikes or prices of ride hail services.


Can consider multiple trips when planning–from return trips to more complex multi-destination patterns.


Trip suggestions can be customized based on individual user's criteria, including the preference for specific means of transport, maximum price or comfort.


Can connect to external trip planning APIs to integrate transport services for which planning data are easily available.

See MaaS:Route engine in action!

Powered by Deep Tech

Powered by public transport network search algorithms grounded in years of research.


Capable of handling continental scale transport networks with unrestricted number of transfers and hundreds of thousands public transport lines and stops.


Designed and build a new using the latest intermodal trip planning algorithms.


Providing unprecedented flexibility in defining hard- and soft- trip planning constraints and optimization criteria.

Flexible Integration Options

It is easy to integrate the PT Route engine into your products and services 


The easiest and fastest to integrate journey planning into your mobility products and services.  We take care of all hosting and maintenance–all you need to do is to integrate our Trip Planning API into your system.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Host your own

For those requiring more control and customization. License our backend trip planning modules and deploy them into your own server stack. Source code licensing also available for those looking for total customizability and independence.