Cyclers Route

The world’s only routing & navigation engine designed specifically for cycling, walking and micromobility

Routing for Cycling is Special

Planning cycling routes is difficult

Compared car drivers, cyclists consider many more factors when planning routes. These factors also vary widely between riders and depend on the purpose of the trip.

Standard routing algorithms do not work well

Optimization for distance and time does not approximates how cyclists choose their routes well.

Cyclers Route implements novel AI-based routing techniques

Employing rich data models and powerful graph algorithms, our approach can think as a cyclist and deliver significantly better routes.

Powerful Cycling Navigation Features

The Cycler’s powerful AI core enables unique features not found in other cycling navigation engines

Cyclers Route optimizes the overall cycling experience on the route–not simplistic mathematical criteria.



Routes can be optimized for numerous real-life route-choice criteria, including safety, air-pollution or comfort, and combinations thereof.

Indirect & Circular Routes

Routes can be optimized for different purposes–from mostly direct commuting routes, through a more meandering tourist routes up to circular routes for recreational and sporty rides.

Alternative Routes

Returns a diverse set of multiple route alternatives along the defined optimization criteria to give the user a choice.

Personalized Routing

Routes can be tailored to individual route search preferences, which can be either set explicitly by the user or learned automatically from the user's historical data.

Time-Dependent Routing

The best routes vary throughout the time. Cyclers engine plans routes based on the hour of the day, the day of the week and the season of the year.


Crowd-sourced content, including big GPS tracking data, route ratings and user-reported issues are leveraged to suggest routes best reflecting real cyclist route preferences and infrastructure conditions.

Powered by Deep Tech

Grounded in years of scientific research, the routing core posses several highly innovative features

Rich Data-Driven

Integrates many diverse data sources to create a high-fidelity routing model, including road, cycleway and pavement network, cycling infrastructure, terrain elevation, surface quality, accidents, air quality, traffic intensity or public transport routes.

Natively Multi-Criterial

Based on advanced algorithms that can simultaneously optimize for a multitude of route choice factors – including travel time, safety, comfort, healthiness, or physical effort -- when calculating recommended routes.


Constantly learns from big GPS tracking data, route ratings and crowdsourced issue reports to always suggest routes that best reflect real-world cyclist route preferences and infrastructure conditions.

Any Type of Light & Active Mobility

From walking to e-bikes, the Cyclers engine can tailor routes for all types of micromobility


Routes are customized for each bicycle type, considering in particular the bike's sensitivity to rough surfaces, steep climbs or the bike's weight and width.

Woman on e-scooter-1610


Specific physical and regulatory aspects of e-scooters, such as their very small wheels, are taken into account.


The specifics of e-bikes, in particular higher travel speeds, lower-effort pedaling or greater weight are taken into account and routes modified accordingly.

Close up photo of child's legs in white sneakers and grey trousers, crossing the street on a pedestrian crossing in a daytime.


Detailed model of the pedestrian network, in particular road crossings, staircases, or subways are taken into account and allow tailoring routes to specific user segments

World's Best-rated Navigation Engine

With the average user rating of 4.5 based on more than 2000 user ratings. 

I wanted an app that would get me through the dense car traffic and that's what it does!
Sarah Weigl
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Clarance Chew
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Yana Xia

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Flexible Integration Options

It is easy to integrate the Cyclers engine into your products and services 


The easiest and fastest to integrate active mobility routing and navigation into your mobility products and services.  We take care of all hosting and maintenance -- you only need to integrate our Trip Planning APIs into your system._ _ _ _

Host your own

For those requiring more control and customization. License our route planning and navigation modules and deploy them into your own server stack. Source code licensing also available for those looking for total customizability and independence.