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UrbanCyclers is the world's leading application for supporting the shift towards cycling as a sustainable means of transport.

Offering a unique mix of data- and community-driven information, motivation and data collection features, UrbanCyclers make it easier to start cycling and helps turning cycling into a regular means of transport. UrbanCyclers' advanced data analytics provide valuable insights for transport planning and cycling policy formation.


GreenMove extends UrbanCyclers to all sustainable means of transport, including shared and on-demand mobility.

Combining personalized, intermodal journey planning with gamification and loyalty building, GreenMove is the world's first mobile application employing artificial intelligence and behavioural psychology to maximize the use of sustainable mobility and make the full use of their emerging mobility as a service systems.

Mobility Brain

Positioned in between narrowly-focused special purpose systems and overly broad universal GIS toolkits, MobilityBrain toolkit provides a new way of developing AI-powered applications.

MobilityBrain’s data & integration tools, transport network algorithms and smart mobility computation makes it easy to rapidly deploy a wide range of smart mobility applications, including multi/intermodal trip planners, mobility system analytics and mobility optimization tools.