Advanced Technology

Our technology concentrates expertise and experience obtained through ambitious R&D projects.


The world’s smartest bicycle route planning engine. BiRoute is the first engine that employs behavioural routing, a novel approach that combines data about real-world cyclist behaviour with advanced graph search algorithms to calculate the best bike-friendly routes possible.


A revolutionary intermodal trip planning engine that works with APIs rather than data. Built around the unique metaplanning technology, MetaPlan takes many limited trip planners and combines them into a single, comprehensive intermodal planner supporting all modes of transport and their combinations.

Founding Team

Bringing together engineering excellence, proven record delivering innovative solutions and hands-on experience building successful high-tech companies.

Michal has 10+ years of experience building and managing teams delivering innovative algorithmic solutions for complex real-world problems.

Michal Jakob CEO

Jan has 5+ years of experience designing and implementing advanced systems employing latest artificial intelligence techniques.

Jan Hrncir CTO

Michal has 20 years of experience working on high-tech innovation. Full professor of computer science, founder of a successful high-tech spin-off and experienced startup mentor.

Michal Pechoucek Strategic Advisor

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